All new demon slayer collection

Hello fellow otaku!

There is new anime series that like shaking the otaku world right now!! guess what that is Tepid Anime! (No kidding)

That is Demon Slayer or in Japan named Kimetsu No Yaiba. An anime about slaying demon (surprisingly form the title). It is still running on season 1 with a great story (touching to be truth with a lot of tragedy) and with superb animation from Ufotable studio (for those who don’t know them, they are also studio for Fate Series)

So Tepid believe there is so many of otaku fans that already thinking about each character in that anime and want to show them of in form or merchandise and collection!

Worry not Tepid got you covered. Announcing all new Demon Slayer Collection !!! all of them is high quality and one of the kind! GET it now!!!

Hinokami Kagura!!

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